ELEVATE Series: Fine-tune Your Relationship Skills with Larry Hagner, Lance & Brandy Salazar and Victoria Labalme

Wow! It was so GREAT to shift gears a little and talk to the relationship GURUS -Larry Hagner and Lance & Brandy Salazar on the ELEVATEseries!

We’ve all been in close quarters with the ones that we love recently, so I found it so refreshing to GET ADVICE from people who aren’t afraid to talk about the hard things, but ALSO had so much practical advice to truly CARE about our loved ones, especially right now.

And Victoria Lablame! She’s a relationship GURU of another kind. We kept coming back to theme of using your gifts to serve the people around you. She really SEES the needs around her and encouraged us to do thte same in service. You never know what legacy you’re going to leave behind.

If you missed the livestream, don’t worry– you can watch the #replay now!

We talked about:

👉 Giving the people that you’re in relationship with BREAKS and how to be more aware of the needs of each other

👉 How it’s normal for us all to be tense right now, but finding a way to work out the tension instead of taking it out on our loved ones.

👉 Using what your’re good at in service to others. (Don’t hide your gifts, especially now!)

Such powerful advice in a time that we all REALLY need it. Thank you Lance & Brandy, Larry, and Victoria!


If you’d like to know more about our ELEVATEseries guest speakers…

Speaker Bios

📌 Amber Vilhauer, your dedicated host, is the owner and powerful leader of NGNG Enterprises, which stands for NoGutsNoGlory. Since 2007, Amber and her teams have supported entrepreneurs with building high-performance websites, bestseller book launch campaigns, and online marketing systems to power your success. Our flagship program is LeverageToScale.com which trains your team how to do ALL of our foundational content marketing FOR you (…so you are freed up to focus on selling!💥). Authors have raved and raved about our BestsellerBookLaunchBlueprint.com course to revive and re-launch their book and get success in this climate. We’ve launched nearly 1,000 websites through our agency NGNGenterprises.com. Amber speaks to communities around the globe and is relentless about offering you RELIEF and STRATEGY to elevate your situation during this recession. We have your back fully!

📌 Larry Hagner is a husband and father of 4 boys, and is also the founder of The Good Dad Project, a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Larry is the Author of The Dads Edge, a best-selling book directed at helping Dads and Husbands be at the top of their game. Larry also hosts the Good Dad Project Podcast with Co-Host Shawn Stevenson.

📌 Lance & Brandy Salazar are on a mission to help couples reconnect with each other and stay deeply in love while raising kids. They created “Legendary Couples with Kids” because they know firsthand how challenging it is to keep your marriage a priority while juggling careers and being parents. They also co-authored Hal Elrod’s newest book, The Miracle Morning for Couples: Creating a legendary connection one morning at a time.

📌 Victoria Labalme is a Hall of Fame Keynote Performer, Performance Skills Coach, Founder of Risk Forward® and Rock The Room®. She’s dedicated to helping influencers uncover & express their inner genius — on stage, on camera, in business and in life — and develop new work with the unexpected twist that distinguishes their brand. LOVE this woman!!

Watch the ELEVATEseries: Larry Hagner, Lance & Brandy Salazar and Victoria Labalme with Amber Vilhauer BELOW!

Comment below on how you and the people you love are becoming more aware of each other’s needs right now.

In today’s livestream, ELEVATESeries: Larry Hagner, Lance & Brandy Salazar and Victoria Labalme, we highlight https://covid19responsefund.org. Donations ARE tax-deductible, and  support WHO’s work to track and understand the spread of the corona virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information—and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments.

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