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Her life's purpose is to help others feel seen, heard, loved and valued. She is highly-fulfilled in her work which centers around helping impact-driven influencers (both big and small) get their message out to the world in the most efficient and powerful way through digital marketing opportunities.

Sometimes we look at Influencers and think, "Wow! They have it all, and things must have always come so easily to that person." But no one is exempt from the pain and challenges that the human experience offers. Therefore, how dare we judge others. And on the flip side, everyone has the opportunity to make the choice to turn things around and create a truly fulfilling life, achieving the most wild of dreams.

Amber's life was never the same after a traumatic rock bottom moment when she was 16 years old. A series of ugly events culminated one dark and lonely night when she was badly beaten by 5 girls at a party that had been created just for that purpose. Decision by decision, day by day since that moment, Amber consciously faced her fears and stepped into her highest and best self. Her brave story is shared on podcast interviews and will be experienced in her second upcoming book release, Rescuing Me: A Teen’s Journey From Lost to Found.

During her college years at the University of Arizona where she studied Marketing and Graphic Design, Amber sold Cutco Cutlery, an international kitchenware product line. As a young 20 year old, Amber achieved the highest sales level in the company and also moved through the management levels very quickly. Within 2 years she drove the success of a 13-office division across 4 states, managed more than 30 receptionists and broke several national records. Amber also uncovered her passion and talent for public speaking. She facilitated daily 25-person group interviews, weekly 3-day training seminars, spoke regularly on stages for their 300-person conferences and also ran many full-day workshops.

At 24 years old, Amber was ready for her next challenge. She pivoted and organized two business conferences teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their business online with some of the world’s leading online marketers. It was in 2007 that NGNG Enterprises, Inc (standing for NoGutsNoGlory) was born.

Over the past decade Amber has been on a relentless pursuit to help influencers both big and small overcome their fears and create high impact in their industry, just as she has done herself. Her gift for building relationships, creativity, innovative strategy, systems and speed offers game-changing support to her visionary clients.

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Branding & Website Design

We have proven that by thinking through your customer journey first, we can build a great website that not only has a design you can be proud of, but is built to attract in qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. (And don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg!) If you want to win the attention war online, you'll need a website that you can be proud of AND that gets you results.

Done-For-You Marketing Systems

If you struggle with not having a clear marketing plan, trying to do it all yourself, the pains of technology and changing trends, trying to find good help, needing more leads, and certainly never having enough time to ‘do it all’… then Leverage To Scale is for you. We train your team how to get ALL of your weekly video, social media, blogging & email marketing “Done For You!”

Bestseller Book Launches

The biggest mistakes authors make is not giving themselves enough time to launch, not hiring an expert strategist with a proven track record, and overall short-changing themselves and not seeing what’s really possible with their book. Amber is the launch manager behind dozens of #1 bestselling books including those for Brendon Burchard, Joel Comm, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.

Members of these communities trust Amber's strategies to grow their business online

Due to her extensive experience in online business growth, combined with a relentless dedication to success, Amber has been able to:

Attract in strategic partners who provide a regular flow of website and marketing clients, resulting in 7-figure earnings.

Achieve a 40-74% closing rate on webinars, and higher-than-average conversion rates across the board on anything from optin offers to click through rates to onboarding new customers.

Grow from a 25% to 85% sales close on high-ticket prospect calls.

Maintain a 50% word of mouth referral rate over the years.

Receive more than 900 raving testimonials from business owners who have had the experience of working with her whether using her website development services, working with her 1-1 for business growth coaching, or out of her signature Leverage To Scale content marketing system.

Build a strong multi-million dollar earning ‘first’ business.

Amber lives in Denver, Colorado with 4 year old boy. As an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person, she proves daily that you can live a business and life you love without working 24/7 or being a slave to notifications.






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The Defender
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Collaboration and creating win-win experiences with every interaction. Getting business owners their time back through the relentless pursuit of efficiency. Staying on the cutting edge of change. Being a lifelong student of our craft. Leading by example. Creating “feel good” experiences at every turn. Offering consistent and measurable ongoing success for our customers.

Spirit Animal

The Eagle (“Soar” – to fly or rise in the air, maintain height without flapping wings or using engine power, increase rapidly above the usual level)


Connection, strategic thinking, extreme efficiency without sacrificing quality, organization, creativity, discipline, taking action, intuitive, driven, empathetic, loving, consistent, innovative, professional, loyal.


No Guts No Glory!


To elevate every experience.



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Contact Amber directly to inquire about conference/workshop speaking fees and availability, to invite her to speak on your podcast, or to discuss the potential of a strategic partnership opportunity.

Watch her 20-min video on the Content Marketing system she developed in 2018 that is taking the internet by storm. Leading online experts and new startups alike are getting massive exposure on all major online channels in less than 5 hours per week, and in ways that elevate their status while building trust with the following they attract in.

Spend time on this website to take advantage of the libraries of free, high-value content. You have endless options when it comes to who to follow online. Amber is known as the secret weapon behind many major online brands and now you can leverage her talent for that same success.

What People Are Saying


“I worked with Amber on a book project and found her to be a life line for staying on task, being helpful and a real champion through the entire process. I would highly recommend her.”

Diana Gabriel


NGNG Enterprises is an amazing company to work with! Not only do they have an eye for design and can provide recommendations, but they are also incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Every time I email them, I know I can get a response that day, or even a few hours after I reach out. Their client project management skills are the best I’ve seen in the industry!

Pete Vargas

Advance Your Reach

“Hooray! I’m delighted with what we have accomplished together and grateful to your wonderful team. People are going and looking and complimenting us. This is just the beginning.”

Aaron Scott Young


“Amber is an extraordinary business owner. Her team has provided exceptional work. She is a pleasure to work with and what I love most is how quick she is to respond. I highly, highly, highly recommend her and her team!”

Susan Vernicek


“Amber is a tremendous talent! Intensely knowledgeable in her field, but approachable and a joy to work with. You won’t find a better person to work alongside!”

John Chrisbens


“Amber is a highly qualified social media and website consultant. Her thoughtful and skilled education helped me begin my work using social media to promote my book, The Imagine Project. She is kind and ethical as well as highly skilled in social media and website design. I highly recommend her.”

Dianne Maroney


“Reaching out to say that you are providing me with exceptional value. You provide clarity, focus, pragmatism to the [marketing and book launch] process. You are a magic elixir.”

Susan Sandler


“You have earned my trust, Amber. In the hundreds of emails I get daily, you are one of a handful that I always make sure to open! I like surrounding myself with people like yourself. Serious, devoted, entrepreneurs… that also have big hearts, values, and integrity.”

Dale Swain


“Amber is very knowledgeable and someone you can count on to get things done right with your online presence and business. I found her to be reliable, cost effective and savvy. This is not easy to find. She is a gem.”

Skyler Madison


“Amber, I see this whole journey as an opportunity to experience your wisdom, your creativity and your passion. Thank you for being so wonderful and I look forward to a long and successful business relationship with you!!! You are greatly appreciated.”


Giving Back